Felix Mattick


14yo person. I write code, build things, play music, and compose music. Would marry Repl.it.

Is this the macOS Big Sur desktop background?

Auralite crossposting = using Auralite for everything

wait where did everyone go? I posted and now I've reached the end :(

ooo auralite looks sexy now

Is it just me or does the new auralite load a lot more slowly

next.js auralite is amazing

I wish your post wouldn't automatically pop up upon posting lol

I love how auralite in its current state is more of an asynchronous chat platform

Nahhhhh I barely started and barely got anywhere, @matt got way farther

tfw i started on something similar with react native

To be honest I don't give a poop about source code access. If you make an integration/plugin platform it would be nice to see that documented though, idk.

finna make auralite mobile

@dom dmfj > dom change my mind


shit i forgot you can't delete posts

@miguel how much do i have to pay you to contribute to the auralite codebase

c'mon couldn't your profile at least just link to MY PROFILE doggo.ninja/tNTkZ1.png

tfw doing my physics homework 15 minutes before class

somebody once told me
the world is gonna roll me
i ain't the sharpest tool in the shed
but i have an auralite account so who cares






> You've reached the end of Auralite. Now close the tab and do something else.
I feel personally attacked

auralite redesign when

dammit I can't seem to find a way to break this

*hacker voice* I'M IN