Ryan Chandler


20 years old - web developer - Laravel & JavaScript - interested in Golang.

This is all looking pretty good on mobile now πŸ€™πŸΌ Nice work @miguel!

Nice work @matt

Auralite, more like Aura-LIT!

Somebody reply pls @miguel

No mentions still? @miguel


@miguel mentions

@miguel do we get to keep these handles

Yeah that would be a cool - would make custom integrations much cooler.

Giving us access can only be a good thing right? 4/5 pairs of eyes & 4/5 brains is bound to be better than 1. Honestly, I think all privacy focused apps should be open source with a restricted license.

We want source. We want source.

@duncan, once I caught a fish alive?

Is @miguel an in app purchase or something? I want a profile pic

@miguel, add mentions support please. I want to ping everybody 😏

@jack with the early plugs.

I'd like to put my pretty face next my exclusive @ryan handle.

Hello everyone - great to be here!